Custom Fitting


The fitting process consists of measuring the circumference of your head with a cloth tape measure. The measurement is taken to a 1/16” of an inch. Once the measurement is recorded the next step is to find the shape of your head. This is done with a device called a conformatuer. The conformatuer conforms to your head shape and is then recorded and saved until your custom hat is made. Once your hat is made and shaped, your recorded head shape is then molded into your hat to ensure that custom fit. 



There are several ways of determining a style of your hat. Pictures of others hats are a great way to start the process. Going on my website and simply picking a style is another. Or come in to our KJ hat shop and here you can pick out your hat of choice, spend time with KJ designing your hat with custom hatbands of leather, beads, ribbon horsehair or other materials.

Once the style and shape of your hat is determined the crown height and brim length is figured in.


Simply choose a color from one of our many color swatches.


The quality of your hat is a personal decision. Depending on your needs here at KJs we can help to determine the hat you are looking for.

KJ offers 10X non-custom through custom Pure Beaver with Mink. See our Pricing page.


If you already know your hat size, color, shape and style, you may simply call an order in.